Do you want to be free of the “Shoulds”?

Working your life away. Never taking a vacation. Going out to loud places all the time. Not enjoying most of moments on your life. Just constantly doing stuff. After college I slowly found myself stuck in a rut. Hardly seeing friends, working crazy weird hours, and sitting every moment I’m at home.

And I didn’t want that anymore. I HAD to get myself out of how things turned out. I use to be fun (at least according to some). I use to have these deep and enlightening discussions with people. But I never got out to do any of that. I wanted true freedom. To have time to take a nap when I needed. Go out to hang with friends when I felt like it. Or sit at home reading when i needed to be alone. To not have barriers to where I could go, what I could do, and how much I could make.

And I want that for you too. I want to help you level up your life. Without changing who you are fundamentally. We are the misfits, rebels, black sheep, introverts, the anxious ones. And we can change our worlds to fit our wants and needs. All these “rules” and “shoulds” are all made up. No one's going to die if we don’t go along with it.

Believe me, I’ve spent my whole life having people try to embarrass and shame me for not fitting into their neat boxes. Sadly, it will never end. It took time for me to be ok with it all. That most of it comes from a place of their own fears.

Especially during my school years. I was shown that mistakes, failures, being left out, and losing friends isn’t the end of the world. Those can be easily survived and other great things can come from them.

It takes a long time of trial and error to really figure out who you are. Then more to accept and celebrate that that is who you are at your core.

There is courage in allowing myself to be open to who I am. That I am brave in believing that I can help you get to that place too.

Whether it's getting the space to explore and release your creativity.

Bringing your bubble with you on new adventures.

Maybe it's the inside you need to work on first. Bad habits and mindsets that hold you back. Or maybe just for someone to say that they have the same problem too. And you can see that it's not so bad or that you can get around it.

Taking your time back by getting rid of the things that drain your energy. No matter how “important” people say it is.

Saving up for that dream vacation. Hell, taking more than one.

Starting a side hustle so you can retire early. Or even starting your own business to have real freedom.

Cause we don’t have to fit in. We can take back our freedom and identities just the way we are. Writing our stories how we want. Damn the rest of the world.


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