Feel like everyone else is living life except for you?

I’m Anung, a proud introvert. A multi-passionate creative who loves to try new things, but preferably in small groups or alone. I’m always up for fun things (just please don’t make me do it in a huge crowd). After college I slowly found myself stuck in a rut. Hardly seeing friends, working crazy weird hours, and sitting every moment I’m at home.

I HAD to get myself out of how things turned out. I use to be fun (at least according to some). I use to have these deep and enlightening discussions with people. But I never got out to do any of that.

I finally kick my butt out there and slowly got my life back. I know I can help you homebodies and introverts do that too. Doesn’t matter if you never had it before. You deserve it, for yourself.

Maybe its the inside you need to work on first. Bad habits and mindsets that hold you back. Or maybe just for someone to say that they have the same problem too. And you can see that its not so bad or that you can get around it.

Maybe there are too many ideas out there. We all worry about making the wrong choice. Or just need a little more info about it before you can get the nerve to try. Of that fear you will look stupid doing it. Hell, I’ve tried dozens of new things this last year. And some I never want to do again. Some I felt ridiculous doing. And that's ok; they’re experiences that I don’t regret. I had fun. And that's all that matters.


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