The Ultimate Goal Setting Sheets for Any Creative Project at Any Age

Isn’t it funny how so many of us think that we can’t do things because it’s too late? Like somehow the hourglass filled with sand can tell us time is running out and we’re stuck doing what we’re doing today forever. I call bunk on that!


It’s never too late to learn a new language, travel to a new corner of the world, or switching up your art supplies of choice.

Finding Your Footing: An Introvert's Journey Through Career Building

We all see the people who seem to have the perfect life, the instant success, or the perfect family. But deep down, we know the perfect life isn’t real or attainable.


All we’re seeing when we look at Instagram or Facebook is a highlight reel, but life is lived behind-the-scenes. You don’t see the years of work, sleepless nights, or weekends when you don’t even shower.

2 Key Ways to Set Boundaries as an Introvert

We all have varying degrees of boundaries, what we will and won’t accept.


Our boundaries are commonly found in our routines. We have a consistent pattern for times when we wake up and go to bed. We understand what days we need to work and others that are free.


While those boundaries are ingrained in us, we often forget to lay the same groundwork for setting boundaries with people in our lives. And sometimes we have to adopt stronger boundaries for certain people.

3 Reasons Why To Let Go of Toxicity In Your Life

The art of letting go is not easily learned.


We all seem to hold onto more than we can handle. This can be everything from possessions to people to emotions. It’s in our DNA and reinforced by our society.  


You may not realize it, but maybe you’ve felt obligated to hold onto things that do nothing for you.

3 Ways for Introverts to Embrace National Get Over It Day

Wow, there seems to be a national holiday for everything these days, but this one I’m particularly pleased with.


I’m talking about National Get Over It Day.

Now, you can take this so-called holiday in two ways.


You could take it in a snarky way like most of us, but the other way can give you a whole new perspective. I’m talking about actually using this holiday to check-in with yourself.

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