Introverts in the World: Aerial

Honestly, what started me doing this site the way is now was someone asking me to do something different with them. I've always been the friend who was up to try anything. I've been to a dozen concerts of bands I've never heard of.

I can truly say I've had the most fun because I've always been open to that. Its a strange thing to have some anxiety but really no shame. So I now try more things just to show other introverts that its not all bad. We can make fools of ourselves and survive.

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Introverts and Dating: Poscast Episode 5

Man, the holiday season can be a mine field for single people. Intrusive questions from relatives. Office parties with horrifying small talk. That for some reason we're all suppose to be attached to someone at this time.

I didn't know this time of year is also called the "Cuffing Season". Where people may stay with someone they're dating just to have a +1 for gatherings and events. This blows my mind. Dating is hard enough. Now you have to think that the person you've been seeing isn't as serious as you are and might dump you after the new year?

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Kicking and Screaming Episode 4: Introversion vs Anxiety

Man, the holiday season is upon us. Dun Dun DUUUUUUN. Ok, a little dramatic. But for those of us introverts and ones who have anxiety this time of year is a gauntlet.

With all the extra obligations and responsibilities from friends, family, and work we need to guard ourselves. Strictly scheduling out time with people and time for ourselves. On top of that, any time you get with big groups a people there will be anxiety. Worrying about what people will say, what you will say, whether or not you're dating/getting married/pregnant/having another kid/ etc can raise your blood pressure.

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