Networking and Finding Clients: Interview with Megan Hazel Designs

Welcome back to the Introvert’s Bubble Podcast. I am pleased to introduce you to Megan , the owner and graphic designer at Megan Hazel Designs. We will be chatting about how Megan built a full-time with business in a YEAR, how she networks and finds clients, and (most importantly to us!) the benefits of working alone.  

Even though Megan majored in media and broadcasting in college, she “kind-of” went to school for graphic design, too. She quickly fell in love with the art, so she decided to leave her post-college job at a coffee shop to hustle-hard in creating logos and small designs for new businesses.

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How to Survive Wedding Season

On today’s episode, I am so sorry (not sorry) to remind you all that it is currently wedding season. I mean, is it just me, or are these tortuous months becoming longer and longer every year? There are just so many events! Public question-popping, then the engagement party, not to mention the wedding shower, bachelor or bachelorette parties...the list is long. Very long., Then you are expected to dress up, bring gifts, and interact with lots of people that you don’t know? Nightmare.

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Confrontation and Being Confronted

No matter what time of year it is, there is always so much stuff going on. Whether it be a holiday, birthday party or wedding, frequent get-togethers have one thing in common: constant interaction with people. And since no two people on this planet are the same, that means disagreements, hurt feelings and confrontations are bound to happen sooner or later.


The problem with confrontation isn’t the act itself, it’s how people go about doing it.

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The Benefits of Planning Your Time

Today, we will be talking about scheduling and planning your time. But before all of you introverted free-spirits snuff at the idea of being “boxed in”, hear me out, because this is a life skill that can benefit anyone’s life and wellbeing.

We all must stay organized in life, am I right? I mean, it is somewhat necessary to keep our lives in order so we don’t live in complete chaos. And you may think that as an introvert, you are safe from experiencing disorder. But even though we like to stay safe in our own little world, there are going to be times where we just have to go out and socialize, network and engage with people (our version of “chaos, right?). Families, friends, co-workers, doctors…it is inevitable that we will have to exchange a word or two with them every now and then.

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