Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Interview of Monica from 'You Wanna Do What?' Podcast

When was the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone?

Today on the Introvert’s Bubble Podcast, I will be interviewing Monica of the “You Wanna Do What?!” podcast. Monica describes herself as a social introvert, and eased herself into podcasting starting with solo shows and working up to interviewing guests about their experiences in juggling parenthood, careers, entrepreneurship and personal interests.

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Ways to Recharge That Doesn't Require Staying Home

Welcome to the Introvert’s Bubble Podcast! Today is fun episode for me because I got out of my work comfort zone: I recorded this podcast outside! The truth is that it’s just too beautiful to be stuck inside, which is actually the point of today’s discussion. So if you hear some birds chirping and the breeze blowing, don’t be alarmed -- it will only set the tone for the topic at hand.

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Allowed to be alone

Look, sometimes it’s nice to have nothing planned. It’s rough when you expect to literally do nothing and then someone wants to hang out with you. You know the feeling. The moment is awkward because they apparently have no interest right than in doing nothing, and you are looking forward to doing nothing. Quite the crossroads, right?

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