Introverts Across Cultures: South East Asia

This episode was something I just thought of. I really want to know how other cultures really integrated their own introverts. I've read about a few of them, but rarely much info. So I decided to look into one that I grew up in.

Kicking and Screaming podcast episode 7 Introverts across cultures

Being a mixed American has been a roller coaster. Mostly ups for me. My family has been great. I've grown up mostly with my Dad's side, who are mostly Lao. So it has been interesting to really look at what I saw growing up under this lens.

You will get to hear a little about my extended family and how we are in this country. But I've also visited Thailand and Laos, so I give comparisons with that and American culture.

Please let me know how you've seen introverts in other cultures live and any great stories. I'd love to hear more. And know what else you'd like to hear.

Only some of the family years ago for Thanksgiving

Only some of the family years ago for Thanksgiving