Introverts in the World: Aerial

Honestly, what started me doing this site the way is now was someone asking me to do something different with them. I've always been the friend who was up to try anything. I've been to a dozen concerts of bands I've never heard of.

I can truly say I've had the most fun because I've always been open to that. Its a strange thing to have some anxiety but really no shame. So I now try more things just to show other introverts that its not all bad. We can make fools of ourselves and survive.

If any of you have seen some of my Facebook and Instagram posts have seen me do aerial. Its kind of the new thing I've really been into. Its a great way to work out and it has a great community.

episode 6.png

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Cheryl Birch (aka Mama Bird):  Instagram

Here's also some fun photos I took. I do have some videos up on my instagram.

If you have any ideas that you want me to try, let me know. As long as its fun and not expensive I'm up for a lot of things. Leave me a comment or an email. Also, drop your name and email at the bottom to get more updates in the podcast and other freebies I throw out.