Have a Merry Holiday

Just wanted to pop in to let you guys know its time for me to hibernate... Just kidding. But I am taking time off for the holidays and my birthday next month (and wedding anniversary). I'm in major planning mode for the rest of the year. So I should be back by mid-January.

holiday wishes.png

Planning the next batch of podcast episodes. Working with a new manufacturer for my apparel. And just a bunch of new products for you. I hope you have lots of fun stuff coming too. Extra aerial training. And working more on my art and photography, and writing a book.

I love this time of year more for the potential of what's to come. I love giving gifts. More because I love giving what people will not get for themselves. Things you don't expect. But its also the excitement of seeing more friends and family (though in small amounts).

Sometime next year I'll give you an update on my crazy organization. I did put up another white board, got another year calendar, and put up a few more clipboards on the wall. Maybe someday I show you all the notebooks I have....cause my husband still doesn't know how many I actually have.

But I love that there are big changes just around the corner. I hope you holidays are warm and fun. Let me know what you all get for gifts. I'll put a few up on my Instagram.