Creative Crush: Vidya R

Creative Crush Vidya R

Hey peeps, This time I have a great gal that works a normal full-time job on top of her creative business. I really like how she is able to use where she works into everything else.

1. What do you do? This is for work and what you do for your site. Especially if they are different things? Why is your site about that subject?

I have a full time corporate job, where my education and training lies.  But, I love working as a freelance virtual assistant and designer.  That's where my passion lies.  As I am already well equipped with most softwares and tools, it's much easier for me to handle the virtual assistant clients and provide them a solution for their problems.  I have a site focused on time management skills, blogging tips and virtual assistant tips. 


2. What are some of the creative things you love to do?

I love to go to parks to spend some time.  But, now, I have a one-year old kid, and all I do is be with him in all my free time.  And that's more than enough inspiration and creativity one can have.  


Site:  also check out her  Twitter ,  Instagram , and  Pinterest

Site: also check out her Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

3.How does your creativity enhance your life?

Things can be crazy sometimes when being a freelancer, because you got to have a clarity of mind when you are going to help with other's problems.  And I learn a new online tool, app or software every two weeks.  It's in my job nature, because they help me get solutions better and faster to my clients.  So, creativity is what keeps me excited and makes my learning curve always upwards.  Also, there are things that you can overlook when you are busy, stressed out and have less time to focus.  Looking things in a different perspective and have a positive attitude towards any task is one of the major advantages of creativity.  Creativity always keeps things new, making you involved in the job.


4. What are some of the things you never thought you could do?

Although I started my blogging career as a book blogger, I never have experience towards book publishing and editorial processes.  But, I started learning them myself with new books, when authors and publishers want to employ me in those fields as well.  Now, I am proud to say that I can walk you through almost all stages of book publishing and I am already helping many authors with their works.


5. What are some new things you want to try?

I like to spend more time trying new things in both my web design work and virtual assistant works.   There is always something new to learn and explore.  In 2016, I would like to learn blog design in Squarespace.

Anybody getting inspired to try some of these things too?

Also, anyone have ideas of who else you want on here? Or a kind of job? I love hearing about what y'all need.