Solitude: And Why You Don't Need a Committee

Solitude and why you don't need a committee. You have the answers yourself

We all need a break from ourselves sometimes. To not think about our to-do list, work, and hobbies. Now, I know some people think what I’m doing is not for them. About going out and trying ALL these new things. But they are conditioned to believe that “going out” means being with people. And I don’t.

Going out to me is getting out of you little bubble, out of the four walls of your home, off your couch, out of your head. Not to get into a crowd and socialize. I have done a lot of these new things alone. Part of that is by choice; I am an introvert. I love to think and observe. But so much of what people think of introverts is in complete solitude (which is not wrong if you need it). But sometimes to lose yourself in a group of strangers for that hour or so to TRY something. You choose how much you connect with them or not. It can be fun sometimes to get lost in the crowd.

The other part is because I could never find someone to do these things with. And I refuse to sit around waiting to do something just so I wouldn’t be alone. That is another way to learn about yourself, to get away from the people who have preconceived notions of you.

Don't you get tired of all the noise? Of everyone's "advice"? Cause I am. You can go around looking and asking for others' opinions and knowledge. But in the end its your choice. You know what is best for you; and what your wants and needs are.

Need more concrete reasons to seek out solitude. How bout science:

  • Solitude allows you to reboot your brain and unwind
  • It helps to improve concentration and increase productivity.
  • It helps you work through problems more effectively
  • It can enhance the quality of your relationships with others

Solitude is necessary to life. This is the place where we have our deepest thoughts. Where we learn our own secrets. Cause it is in silence that we can hear the quiet in ourselves.

You get to choose what you do with your free time. You don’t have to go wild just to feel like you’re not wasting your time. The point is to just disrupt your normal routine. That's the point where your mind can roam free and your creativity can get a boost.

i personally love to use that time to journal, read, write, or lay around and daydream.

Maybe your moment of courage is to just go and sit in in a cafe by yourself. Or just to try a new book genre out and read it in pubic. (I actually get a get a little thrill when someone notices me read erotica with a straight face. :p) But the point is that we all seen some time to ourselves; away from TV, our phones and computers, and people. Cause how do you know where you’re going in life if you don’t take the time?

What are some of the things you like to do to disrupt the norm? What are some of the things you want to try? Alone or with people.