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Having a writing career: Interveiw with Rebecca (Journalist and writing coach)

I had the pleasure of having Rebecca Weber on the podcast. She is a journalist and writing coach, most of which she does remotely. She also has her own podcast called The Writing Coach Podcast. I like talking to other people about different types of careers since I mainly talk about small businesses and side hustles. We get to see how they handle other types of jobs and how they do so as an introvert. I always find that interesting!

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Introverts in Bed: Interview with Leah of Good Girls Talk About Sex Podcast

I had the pleasure of having Leah of the Good Girls Talk About Sex podcast on the Introvert’s Bubble for an interview. When I asked her what made her think about doing her podcast and how it related to her being an introvert, she explains how spending most of her life being terrified of sex had a lot to do with being an introvert and not knowing how to interact with people she was interested in.

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