4 Small Steps to Jump Start Your Dream

We all have dreams. From the small ones like getting a gift or hoping for a compliment from someone you look up to. To medium ones like a raise or getting asked out by that guy you've crushed on for a year.

But the are larger ones in life. The ones that sneak into your thoughts throughout the day. The ones you mostly or completely keep to yourself. Those lofty ones that would change your life. And probably scare the shit out of you.

Have you done anything with those big dreams?

No? Didn't think so.

With something this big you shouldn't try to sit down and figure it all out at once. Believe me, I understand the frustration and impatience to get things done NOW. But we can't rush something so deep and delicious. You have to work for that golden nugget.

But there are some small, easy steps to get started towards those far-off dreams.

4 small steps to jump start your dream

1. Take time for silence and solitude. 

We all have days that one thing after another happens with work, school, cleaning, cooking, family, and friends. Then those days turn into weeks, to months, then the year has passed you by.

We need to take the time for ourselves for silence. To consciously make time to allow yourself to think. Instead of being on autopilot.

This may mean going to a coffee shop or library and put on your headphones. Hell, I've actually parked my car at a park just to get a second to myself. Just take some time for solitude. It's not selfish, but will help with your sanity.

2. Write It Out.

I don't know if any of you know, but I love journaling. I love the idea of getting whatever is bothering out and just letting me mind run wild. It was through journaling that I have made the most important decisions in my life.

And you can do this during your time of solitude. The first few times you sit down to write may only be you writing about your day or problems you are having. That is perfectly fine. Its part of the process to clear the way for what's buried.

So don't put any pressure on yourself. No rules on what you're "suppose" to write or what you should write about. It is all a process. I would have never thought my life would be where it is now from when I first started journaling. I never would have thought I would start a business or be a writer or study abroad.

3. List It Out

Now that you have more ideas of what this big dream is starting to look like, its time to make some lists. First is a list a basics. The basics of what you need in life; food, shelter, etc and how much those generally cost.

Yes I know no one wants to do finances and math, but this isn't calculus. And you should already have an idea of what these are if you pay most of your bills on time.

The next list are wants. Now this could be a list of non-essentials that you already do so you can get a better idea of what you spend here. Or it can be all the things you want in life. Go wild. You won't be punished for being extravagant.

The last list is all about your dream. Figure out all the things that come to mind that you will need to start this and keep running it. Again, throw everything out there. It can be as small as needing a printer to buying a giant factory with a hundred employees.

4. What are your first three steps

Now that you have all these bits a pieces I want you to figure out what are your first steps to get you started. I DO NOT mean the big ones like booking a flight or opening a store. But itty bitty. The smallest possible things you can do.

This could be just looking up prices for a plane ticket. Or checking a book out from the library about the subject. Hell, dreaming out loud with someone can be a part of you brainstorming. But the point is to figure out at least three.

Then DO IT.

I mean it. You get those figure out and you put you paper down and get your ass moving. The point of getting tiny steps is so you can get them done quick. Now you don't have to do them all at once. But maybe a week or two.

You need to build up confidence that you can do it and the habit to doing it. Then once the first steps are done you figure out the next batch and tick those off. After a while you will come up to bigger steps. Those will need to be broken down and will take you longer to do, but by that point you'll be a champ. (Though there will always be days where doing anything is hard. But we might need to take a day off and push through it later.)

Does your dream feel a little closer?

Well, I hope it doesn't still feel impossible. That some day soon it will be within reach.

I just did this recently myself with starting an apparel line. I know no one who had done this, especially online. But I started small. Looked for a graphic designer. Open a savings account. And come up with ideas. That's it. And from there I found or was given other steps until 4 months later I opened shop. You can check it out here.

Please, comment any thoughts and questions. Or if you need help figuring out you first steps. I love to brainstorm.