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Devan & Kayla On Journaling

I swear this is almost over! I’m getting a little sick of myself, so you might be too. I’ve spent the last week of my free time sitting on the floor surrounded by notebooks, my laptop, and random pieces of paper. Trying to get all my ducks in a row.

So, if you’re still not convinced about taking my course and writing some shit down, I’ve got some lovely badass ladies to tell you why they journal.

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4 Small Steps to Jump Start Your Dream

We all have dreams. From the small ones like getting a gift or hoping for a compliment from someone you look up to. To medium ones like a raise or getting asked out by that guy you've crushed on for a year.

But the are larger ones in life. The ones that sneak into your thoughts throughout the day. The ones you mostly or completely keep to yourself. Those lofty ones that would change your life. And probably scare the shit out of you.

Have you done anything with those big dreams?

No? Didn't think so.

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Solitude: And Why You Don't Need a Committee

The other part is because I could never find someone to do these things with. And I refuse to sit around waiting to do something just so I wouldn’t be alone. That is another way to learn about yourself, to get away from the people who have preconceived notions of you.

Don't you get tired of all the noise? Of everyone's "advice"? Cause I am. You can go around looking and asking for others' opinions and knowledge. But in the end its your choice. You know what is best for you; and what your wants and needs are.

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