The Ultimate Goal Setting Sheets for Any Creative Project at Any Age

Isn’t it funny how so many of us think that we can’t do things because it’s too late? Like somehow the hourglass filled with sand can tell us time is running out and we’re stuck doing what we’re doing today forever. I call bunk on that!


It’s never too late to learn a new language, travel to a new corner of the world, or switching up your art supplies of choice.


We all have that one thing that we’ve always wanted to do.


When I just said that, did you have something immediately come to mind? Me too.



So many times we push away the thing we’ve always wanted to try because we don’t think we have enough time, money, or patience to do it. In reality, we have all of these things and can start as soon as today if we have the motivations to back it up.


Putting yourself out there and showing up with your gifts and talents isn’t easy.


It’s hard to learn something new, especially around others who are proficient. Sometimes it leads to comparison and doubt which cripples us in the process. Instead of comparing yourself to those around you, look inward and find joy in trying something new.


You never know where a new skill may lead you and luckily, it’s never too late to start!


Here are a few people who pursued BIG things later in life:

  • Vincent Van Gogh didn’t start painting until his late 20s. He had his first exhibition at 32.

  • Vera Wang didn’t start designing until her late 30s.

  • Mark Twain didn’t publish Tom Sawyer until age 41.


Your aspirations may not be as lofty (but if they are, good for you). You may just want to take a vacation out of the country or even alone. Maybe you want to get out of debt or buy your first house.


Whatever it is, you need to shift from neutral to four-wheel drive. It’s not a question of if you’re ready. You already are. There is nothing standing in your way of taking the first few steps towards your goal.


Let’s start by sharing a few tips on how to set and stick to your goal so you can achieve what you’ve been low-key dreaming about.


Quick Guide to Goal Setting for Homebodies


First, you need to do a brain dump. I’m convinced ALL good things start with a brain dump.  


Grab a piece of paper or some post-it notes and start writing. Think of every step that helps you get closet to achieving this goal. Don’t overthink this. There is no right or wrong way to brainstorm. Just get it all out on paper, even if it’s not in the right chronological order.


Once you’ve brainstormed, then it’s time to use the right side of your brain. Put your big dream in the middle. This could be “buying our dream home”, “becoming a trained chef”, or “learning ASL”.


Then look through all your notes (aka your brain dump). Determine which steps are big and which steps are smaller toward that big goal. You can label these on your paper or highlight them for our next step.


Now place the big steps right around that dream in a semi-circle. Then place the smaller steps behind the big steps.


Some of the steps you wrote down may not fit into any of those categories which is completely fine. As you work through this exercise, you may think of more you can add or steps that can be combined.


Once you get all the steps organized, take the rest of the day off.


No, really! This is your permission slip to take a break and maybe even fit in a nap. Come back to it tomorrow with a fresh mind and try not to wait too long to return to it, too. Rearrange steps that need editing or add more steps you may have missed.


Now you need to schedule it out. If you don’t set a timeline, it will never get done. You might get a few things done here and there, but the big goal won’t feel in reach.


Find any steps that can be done in less than a day. Always start small and slowly work your way up. This helps you build momentum so you can tackle the bigger steps later. Try to complete a few steps every week until your confidence builds up to tackle the bigger steps.


Take your time and don’t get overwhelmed. You may only plan a week in advance, but once you get a hang of things, you can go farther out. Keep that list of dreams front and center so you don’t forget the “why” behind your big goal.

Plan Your Dreams freebie


To help you even more with goal setting, I have Goal Setting Worksheet freebies with your name on it!


These downloadable worksheets feature 3 different types of prompts to help you plan your way to reaching your big dreamy goal! Here’s how I break it down:

  • Daily goal setting to help you break down each action step

  • Weekly goal setting with an actionable steps worksheet

  • Monthly goal setting to help you plan your months at a glance