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The Benefits of Planning Your Time

Today, we will be talking about scheduling and planning your time. But before all of you introverted free-spirits snuff at the idea of being “boxed in”, hear me out, because this is a life skill that can benefit anyone’s life and wellbeing.

We all must stay organized in life, am I right? I mean, it is somewhat necessary to keep our lives in order so we don’t live in complete chaos. And you may think that as an introvert, you are safe from experiencing disorder. But even though we like to stay safe in our own little world, there are going to be times where we just have to go out and socialize, network and engage with people (our version of “chaos, right?). Families, friends, co-workers, doctors…it is inevitable that we will have to exchange a word or two with them every now and then.

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The Ultimate Goal Setting Sheets for Any Creative Project at Any Age

Isn’t it funny how so many of us think that we can’t do things because it’s too late? Like somehow the hourglass filled with sand can tell us time is running out and we’re stuck doing what we’re doing today forever. I call bunk on that!


It’s never too late to learn a new language, travel to a new corner of the world, or switching up your art supplies of choice.

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