Taking time to reflect and change course

I can’t believe its already August. This summer has flown by. But in a good way. It means I’ve been following my dreams to live more openly and add some adventure. Lots of meet-ups with creatives, aerial training, and organizing our new home.


We finally closed on our house and moved in. Though it took a month to get everything set up. You have no idea how much it sucks no have to trash or recycling for 2 weeks when unpacking. Or no internet when your business is all on there. Lets just say it slowed a lot of things down. But I am enjoying finally being able to make a place that is both our home. (sometime later I will give you a tour of my new office.)


But all of this has given me the time and space to try new things and reflect on where I want to go.

taking time to reflect and change course


First, there are going to some changes to the blog. The overall theme will stay the same but the topics will be changing until I find what it is you and I need from it. So I’ve been doing some heavy journaling; trying to figure some of that out. So now I’m going be experimenting with what I write from what I found out.


I also created a planner to sell (check it out here). It kind of came out in my journaling trying to figure out what I wanted in life. What my big and little dreams were, but also how to actually execute them so they don’t just sit in that pretty cloud in my head. Then realized that lots of you out there have that same problem. So I had to whip this out to share. (There are two versions to choose from. Also wait to see for my official launch to get plenty of extras.)


Which made me realize that my site wasn’t up to the task of making life more fun, easy, and adventurous for you. So I redesigned it so you can find more things easily. Like a page of all my freebies you can grab.


But I also connected with some great creatives out there. Later this month I’ll have a photoshoot with one to show off my new leggings and tops. Cause I know you all need to see them in real life. (Perfect for back to school.)


Cheron Leggings on Courageous Creativity

I got a few of the leggings from Missy at Delectably Designed. You’ll be seeing a few from her over on my Instagram for a while this month.


But all this free time from all internet has given me the space to really think on where I want things to go. I’m so excited for a the things I came up with to go out into the world. And hopefully help you in the process.

As always, push your boundaries, but always be yourself.