Another Q & A

Get ready for another Q&A episode with me, Anung, of Courageous Creativity and The Introvert’s Bubble Podcast. I always encounter a lot of people asking questions about my business, my passions and my opinions on life, so I decided to share a few of those questions with you today, along with my honest (and very candid) answers.

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What do you use to record your podcast?

When I first started my podcast, I actually didn’t invest in equipment – I used the resources I already had. For the first 8 episodes or so, I was recording with my iPad mini with a lapel microphone, as well as editing on GarageBand. That’s it!

When I changed the podcast’s name from Kicking & Screaming to The Introvert’s Bubble Podcast, I purchased 2 items: a Shure Motive MV88 condenser microphone, and an iPad Pro. I also downloaded the free app {need the name}, which allowed me to do basic editing, like adding an intro and an outro, as well as cutting out some swear words here or there.


You also may notice that the sound quality of my episodes are different from time to time. That’s because I am still experimenting with where I want my podcast “studio” to be. I have recorded while hanging out on my couch, sitting on the floor and even shut away in my closet (the most successful one so far). I have found that when I am cocooned within close walls or surrounded by pillows, the sound of my voice is clearer than if I am in an open room, which can be more prone to echo’s and hollow sound.


Should I go to college?

This is a tough one, and a very personal decision, but I will share my story with you anyway. When younger listeners ask me if I went to college, I tell them this: Yes, I did. I learned a lot, but not just academic education. I learned life skills, like how to pay bills, how to budget, how to save money, the definition of hard-work and the joy of creating my own opportunities (like studying abroad). College can be a lot of money, but I encourage anyone who is considering a higher education to explore all of their options, and that includes travel, volunteering for organizations close to your heart and getting a job.


What are you doing now?

My mom loves to ask me this question. My answer is that I am doing a lot of “this and that”, just like I always do. I am painting, perfecting my photography, creating products, networking, podcasting, living and enjoying life. However, since I am an introvert, I make sure that when I do things, I take lots of photos and schedule them on social media over a large span of time. So, it may look like I am busy 24-7, but really, I am just being smart with my sharing and marketing.


How can you read in public?

Reading in public is a talent, and one that can be learned easily over time. So, here are 4 tips that will help you develop your out-of-the-house reading skills:


  • Perfect your death stare. Seriously. No one messes with crazy people.
  • Develop an “eff off” aura: Most people say that I am very approachable, but when I want to be alone, I have learned to create a force-field that simply says “screw you”. It could be body language, or the way I look, but it somehow, it works to my advantage. Try it sometime!
  • Wear a pair of headphones. This tip is gold. You don’t even have to be listening to music! It’s just for show, and only adds to the “I’m busy, don’t bother me” vibe.
  • Don’t look around. Avoid eye-contact with anyone, at all costs. Locking gazes with someone else is an open-invitation for an uncomfortable conversation and all-out awkwardness (on both parts).


I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Introvert’s Bubble Podcast. As always, feel free to leave a comment, subscribe to the show and visit the links below to connect with me on social media.