Video Marketing for Social Media

Today on the Introvert’s Bubble Podcast, I am going to be talking to Ashley Kay of Ashley Kay Creative Marketing. Ashley Kay is a creative marketing consultant, business coach and service provider who focuses on helping women unleash their creative energy to build a passion-led business, and today she will be giving us introvert’s some insight on how to successfully use video for our business on social media.

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Here are Ashley’s top 3 tips for creating impactful videos:


Identify your fears

Ashley encourages people to be not only get comfortable with being uncomfortable, but also explore what that discomfort actually is all about. Is it fear of technology? Your appearance? Your content? Whatever the fear is, give it a name and work on addressing it right away. If feel you are tech-challenged, read some how-to blog posts. If it is your appearance, find an outfit that makes you feel beautiful. If it is your content, make sure what you are sharing speaks to your heart. Pinning down what makes you afraid of being on video will help you squash the fear and use it as a stepping stone to confidently press the “record” button.



Don’t stare and compare

Comparisonitis is a real epidemic, and one that is easily contractible, especially on social media. It is important (and encouraged, as far as business strategy) to do your market research and check up on your competition, but Ashley suggests to let it stop there – at least for a small amount of time. If you are an entrepreneur n00b, it is easy to get sucked into the social media rabbit hole of influencers and industry experts, and since videos seem to pop up every two minutes on your feed, your brain may automatically begin to dissect #allthethings that you feel like you need to do to be successful. Instead of letting it freak you out, treat it as a means of inspiration. Remember, you are not “her”. You are YOU, and that’s what makes YOU special and will attract your Tribe.


Set your stage

There are a plethora of different videos you can create to connect with your audience. Boomerangs, InstaStories, tutorials, how-to’s, shopping adventures, behind-the-scenes, or even walking your dog are all great options to show your audience the “face” behind the brand. I know, I tend to hide my face as much as I can (it’s part of my mysteriousness, I guess!), but these ideas will show your audience that you are a real person with a real life, not just a robot behind a computer screen.


If this episode has encouraged you to get started with video today, Ashley Kay suggests a few things:


·         Try some quick InstaStories or Snapchat Stories to practice getting your point across quickly and effectively over a handful of moments.

·         Try recording a live video set to “Only Me” on Facebook so you can get used to holding your device, speaking and delivering your message. Using this technique is way to keep your video practice private. Plus, you can look back on it to see what you may need to improve (or maybe just use it for a few good laughs).


Thanks for listening to the Introvert’s Bubble Podcast! As always, feel free to leave a comment or review on iTunes, as well as visiting the links below to connect with me on social media. You can also connect with Ashley Kay at if you are in need of any social media, video, podcasting or business coaching services.