Taking Solo Vacations

Welcome to the third edition of the Introvert’s Bubble Vacation Series. Today, we are going to be talking about the benefits of traveling alone, as well as tips, tricks and safety measures to take.


I’ll be honest. Vacationing alone can be both thrilling and horrifying. As an introvert, it’s perfect because you get to be alone and do whatever you want, without having to coordinate with a group or partner.


Whether it be a quick weekend alone or overseas for a week, here are my 6 tips for having a fun and safe vacation by yourself:

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Stay off of social media

We all love sharing our life adventures with our friends, family and followers. However, posting about your solo trip can put you in several dangerous situations. Not only is it an open invitation for home break-ins and robberies, but if someone knows you are out there by yourself, it could make you an easy target for kidnapping. Posts are easy to share, even with privacy settings set, so keep your trip off of Facebook and Instagram until you get home, then post away!


Tell someone you trust all the details

Flight times, hotel locations, itinerary. All of the logistic details that you find boring are actually the most important ones; ones that someone close to you should know. Write down all of the information you can about your trip and give it to a friend or family member. This is so they can get ahold of you if necessary, or check in if they feel you have gone off the radar for too long.


Plan, plan, plan

Even though you don’t have a strict game-plan to follow (like you would have if you were traveling with a group), you should still plan out your activities, finances and accommodations in detail. Go as far as researching the exact locations you are visiting online. Has there been any political drama in the area recently? Are there any festivals happening? What is the currency exchange? Do some digging and write down the information so there are no surprises when you get off the plane.


Travel Light

Carrying around big bags is an invitation for crime, as well as lost items and misplaced luggage. Plus, dragging around huge suitcases can be tiring work, and you want to save that energy for fun activities. So ditch the heavy bags and opt for a compact backpack or a rolling carry-on. Also, be sure to leave your valuables at home!


Don’t always be alone

Get to know the hotel employees. The cleaners. The woman at the coffeeshop. Your server at the buffet. It’s not only a kind gesture, but it’s for insurance, too: if something tragic happens, those people will be able to say when and where they last saw you, as well as your daily routines.


Stay close to your base

When in an unfamiliar place, wandering away from well-populated areas isn’t a good idea, especially if you are flying solo. Stay within a small radius of your hotel. Ask the employees at the front desk for their recommendations on safe places within walking distance, and always make sure people are around you, no matter what.


The point of this episode was not to scare you, but give you the tools and confidence you need to engage in a little solo travel. The bottom line is: get out there and don’t be afraid to explore the wide world alone! It will be a great experience and you will learn so much about yourself. And don’t forget to tell me all about it!


But not until you get back.