Starting a business

Welcome back to the Introvert’s Bubble Podcast. Last week, we explored side hustles, what they are and the benefits of exploring the world of business ownership. This week, I will be going into detail with the steps I took to start my Courageous Creativity and keep it running long and strong.


The Introvert's Bubble Podcasr episode 12: Starting a business
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As we discussed in the previous episode, it is better to start off a side-hustle as just that: a “side” hustle. My advice is to keep your 9 to 5 so you can have a steady income while you build your new life as a business owner. You will have to make sacrifices in other areas of your life, such as implementing a budget, staying in instead of going out (oh, the torture!), and working on the weekends. But in the end, the financial freedom and extreme happiness will be worth it.


When you start your business, you are going to need a lot of skills. You will be a one-man show for a while. Paperwork, marketing, social media, payroll, taxes, etc. But don’t let that scare you! Use the beginning your entrepreneurial journey to take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Then you can build on the latter and learn as you go!



Here is my courageous and creative 4 step breakdown of starting your own full-time hustle:


Your Product/Service:

This is the whole point of a business! What will you be offering your audience? Start off with two or three offers. For example, I have 3 levels of leggings in my shop: regular leggings, yoga leggings and athletic leggings. Each one is a different price point to appeal to not only buyer’s comfort and fashion preference, but their finances as well.


Your Audience:

Speaking of buyers, that is what we call your “audience”. Your audience is the person you are talking to; your client avatar. This is the fun part about business development! Dig deep – as deep as a dating profile. Go as far as age, gender, relationship status, job, preference of food, books they have read. This will help you format your marketing plan (such as your copy and where to advertise on social media), as well as your products.


Staking Your Space:

This is a big one to consider, and one you should be quick about once you are settled in your direction. When you establish what you will call your company, make sure you secure your social media handles, website domain, email and anything else that can be considered a “digital footprint”. Snag your business name wherever you can so no one else does (and capitalizes on your hard work). You don’t have to be everywhere, but stake your claim across the board and keep the name consistent, so there is no mistake it is you.



Business bank account. Sole proprietorship. Filing taxes. EINs. Is your head spinning yet? Getting legal matters in order is something that should be high on your priority list. It will make business affairs easier down the road, and make you confident that you have your stuff together. Disclaimer: In my opinion, you can use LegalZoom, but if you have to do something more detailed, like write a cease and desist letter, you may want to consider a lawyer that specializes in small businesses.


As I mentioned on the previous post, there are so many resources out there that teach and preach about hustling. To name a few of my personal favorites:

Making a Living Without a Job by Barbara Winters

 “Smart Passive Income" Podcast by Pat Flynn

“The Strategy Hour” Podcast by the Think Creative Collective

The Million Dollar, One Person Business by Elaine Pofeldt

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

The $100 Start Up Chris Guillebeau


And since I definitely love me some Pinterest, I have tons of boards that are dedicated to creating your own side-hustle, plus business advice for creatives and introverts like you.  

Remember, when first start out, there will be a lot of trial and error, and do’s and re-do’s because nothing is perfect the first time around. But if you have a dream and want to make it a reality, take these steps and try it out! You will never be sorry that you followed what is in your heart.