Introvert and Extrovert Duo: Interview with Main Street Marketing

Introvert business owners: Does the thought of social media make you cringe? How about writing your own copy, or networking online?


If you answered “yes” to those questions, have you ever thought how an advertising agency could help you step out of your introvert’s bubble and level-up your brand?

I had so much fun interviewing Michelle and Russ on how they make working together work and how they help other small businesses.

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Main Street Marketers does just that!  Main Street Marketer, owned by power-house duo Michelle Koch and Russ Hanes, is a company that brings full-service agency capabilities to small businesses. They deal with all types of marketing: print design, bill boards, radio, websites, SEO and social media. Basically, anything a business owner doesn’t have time to do, but knows is important to being successful in their industry.


Michelle and Russ have an interesting partnership and business dynamic: Russ is an extrovert and Michelle is an introvert. I know, I was surprised too! They met through Russ’ brother and worked together on a charity organization in college, and decided that they wanted to venture onto the “hustle journey” together.


So, how does this intro/extro pair pull this empire off? Russ, being the extrovert, loves to connect with people, but sometimes his busy lifestyle can make him, well, very busy! That’s where Michelle comes in. Being the introvert, she helps balance him out. At the same time, Russ helps her get “out there” when it comes to sales (she hates cold-calls, but loves people!). Even though they have different strengths and weaknesses, they have the same work ethic: They are great people persons and always work toward the same end-goal, to exceed their client’s expectations.  Together, they are a match made in heaven.


Working with an small business-focused ad agency like Main Street Marketers is a great decision for introverts. Here are some key points you can take away from this episode:


  1. When outsourcing to an ad agency like Main Street Marketers, an introvert will not have to go through many channels to “get things done”. They can trust that the right people have the right information to develop a stellar marketing plan, without having to go through a long line of approvals.
  2. Often times, there are only one to two team members to touch-base with in regards to projects. This makes communication brief and comfortable, which is what we are all about!
  3. A small ad agency gets to know YOU personally, and cares about your wants, needs and goals without making you continuously “bare all”. They nail your brand’s voice, style and audience so you can sit back and enjoy the life of a business owner.
  4. Since their client-base is concentrated, they are deeply invested in you and your business. A small-business ad agency will never sell you on something that you don’t need. Your success is their success.



And finally, working with a small ad agency saves time and money, which are both things everyone cherishes - not just introverts! Sure, the investment may seem large to you. But the work that they do leaves you time to focus on your passion, which is what your business is based off of (and is what is going to bring in that extra income!).

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