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Starting a business

Welcome back to the Introvert’s Bubble Podcast. Last week, we explored side hustles, what they are and the benefits of exploring the world of business ownership. This week, I will be going into detail with the steps I took to start my Courageous Creativity and keep it running long and strong.


As we discussed in the previous episode, it is better to start off a side-hustle as just that: a “side” hustle. My advice is to keep your 9 to 5 so you can have a steady income while you build your new life as a business owner. You will have to make sacrifices in other areas of your life, such as implementing a budget, staying in instead of going out (oh, the torture!), and working on the weekends. But in the end, the financial freedom and extreme happiness will be worth it.

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Get That Money: Side Hustlin and the Introvert

Nowadays, I have found that jobs are not very secure. And since not many of my friends and family know what it is that I do for work, I decided to dedicate this episode to the art of the side hustle. 

What is a side hustle?

It is a job that you have, in addition to your 9-5, to make some extra money. Whether it be temp/seasonal job or all-year; online or in-person.

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