Hobbies We Love To Share

Have you ever had a thought that pops up over and over again; one that you can’t ignore?

That’s been happening to me lately. The other day, I was listening to the Twila & Natalie podcast, and they were talking about hobbies – ones they are proud of, and ones they were not-so-willing to admit! It made me realize that all of us have hobbies that we love, and sometimes they go beyond what people call “normal” activities. However, it doesn’t matter where our interests lie on the “embarrassing” spectrum. They are all special to us (and as I often say, who cares what those people think, anyway?).

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I have more than several pastimes in my life. Some I indulge in solo, and some I do with my husband or friends. A few of these hobbies are from my childhood, and a few are new and recent. But what is important to me is that they all bring joy, knowledge and excitement in my life, so I never think twice about what people think about the things that make me “Anung”.


Here are some examples of some of my favorite activities and interests?


·         Aerial

·         Fashion

·         Reading

·         Dogs

·         Wolves

·         Anime/Manga

·         Leatherworking

·         Painting

·         Photography

·         Writing


As you have probably gathered, I am a multi-passionate person! Some of these hobbies I monetize on, while the rest satisfy a deep passion and sense of adventure within me.

Here are some of my favorite books and manga's to read: (these are affiliate links, to see the full disclaimer go here.)

Hobby-inspired Business Endeavors


·         My love for aerial and art turned into a legging apparel line for those who love fitness, movement or comfort.

·         My interest in reading inspired me to write short stories, contribute to blogs and start planning a book for introverts.

·         My passion for photography gave me opportunities to sell my work at different events I have attended.


“Just for Fun” Hobbies


Those hobbies that I don’t monetize on still hold a special place in my heart.

·         My husband and I started taking a leatherworking class together.

·         My love for dogs and animals has inspired me to volunteer for the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota, as well as participate annually in Walk for Animals.

·         My friends and I recently played a few intense rounds of laser tag, and had a blast.


Even though I am not making money from these activities, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


As for the hobby that raises the most eyebrows, it would probably be my love for anime and manga. It started in the 90s and 2000s, when TV shows like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon dominated after-school television programming. Even though I’m not a kid anymore, I still love reading comics and attending anime conventions. Do people think it’s weird? Probably. Even though I joke that it is a prerequisite for being my friend, I don’t force them to like it. They don’t have to join me; I just ask they respect me.


What are you favorite hobbies? I would love to know what you like to do so I can learn more about you, and maybe pick up a few new interests along the way! Don’t forget to follow me on social media, as well as subscribe the The Introvert’s Bubble on iTunes.