Surviving College as an Introvert

The topic of college is coming up because of my younger cousins going off to college soon or having been in college for a year or two. As introverts, we can enjoy the experience as well, it just may take a little more effort. I loved my own experience in college.

Surviving College

Some general tips and tricks that are helpful:

  1. Make sure you take fun classes during your college years. They tell you to get your core classes out of the way first, but you have time to take those a little slower and try new things that are fun.

  2. Most classes you need to take have different days and times. If you’re not a morning person, don’t take a 7am class, especially if it’s a subject you’re not too great at.

  3. Take classes outside of your major. Take some classes that are fun and try some that are outside of your major.

  4. Pay attention to what you’re eating. Try not to just eat pizzas or burgers and fries every day. Remember that you need your fruits and vegetables too. Freshman 15 is real and happens even in the other years of college.

  5. High school onl kind of prepares you for college. I hated hearing this from teachers. High school only helped a little bit, by helping me get into the habit of doing my work. You have more freedom in college. Make sure to show up for your classes though and do your work. You are there to learn and open up your mind.

  6. Keep an eye out on all of your assignments. Your professors don’t care about your excuses. They give you time to get the work done, so don’t do it last minute because they will know that you did.

  7. If a professor says that they grade on a true curve, drop the class. That means no matter what your score is, there will always be somebody who fails.

  8. Look online for places that rate the professors to see which ones are good. You want to see how effective their teaching is so you can prepare for how they teach and how the class will go. However, take it with a grain of salt and look out for the thoughtful answers.

  9. Wear whatever you want. So, if you want to wear a cape, then wear one. If you want to wear sweats every day, then wear them. It’s more important that you and your clothes are clean, and are covered up where you need to be covered up. If you’re not comfortable though, don’t make excuses that you can’t do something.

Here are some tips and tricks for introvert

  1. Explore your college’s area as best you can. Not just to know where your classes are, but to know where the shortcuts, quiet areas, comfortable seating, and different foods are so that you can avoid crowds.

  2. Be specific in what you want in a roommate. If you want someone who is quieter or cleaner, tell them. They try to do their best to make good matches, but some people don’t fill their forms out as well. Be proactive, but also don’t be afraid to be moved if you need to be. Advocate for your own well-being.

  3. Always carry headphones with you. It means “don’t talk to me” when you have them on.

  4. Wifi can suck sometimes. Save your TV shows, audio books, or whatever else you need to the devices you are using because you may not have good wifi to use.

  5. Keep an eye out for class sizes. Sometimes you have to see what works best for you. Bigger classes can work well because you can fade into the crowd, but smaller classes have better discussions and more attention from the professor. Figure out what works for you.

  6. Keep an eye out on how your schedule is spread out. If you need time between classes and a time period for lunch, make sure your schedule accommodates that.

  7. Forget about fomo. There will always be things you miss out on because you can’t be everywhere at once and things overlap. There are so many opportunities to make friends and memories, that you don’t need to be everywhere. Do the things you enjoy and make friends with the people in your classes.

Congrats on getting into college! You will survive, have fun, explore, and make memories. You will find your place there.