Your Environment Can Make Or Break You

In more than one way, your environment is there and the way it interacts with you can either make you or break you. I’m going to go a little woo-woo here, but take it down a notch.

your environment can make or break you

Your environment includes the air you breathe, the sunlight you get, and the clutter and mess in your physical space. It also includes the people, atmosphere, and energy in those spaces. All of it impacts what you bring into the space and what you get out of it. The places that you spend most of your time also have the most impact on your mental and physical health, either adding to your energy or draining it.

We can be limited to what we can do in each space we spend time in, whether you live with your parents’ or go someplace else that doesn’t allow much change to the environment. This could be your work and school. You can do little things to help smooth things out, though.

  1. Headphones and music. You hear less of the clutter and can listen to something that soothes you.

  2. Personal things. Plants, favorite water bottle, candles, favorite pens, or anything else that make the environment feel more personal.

  3. A good attitude. Bring a good attitude, even if you hate being there. Leave your drama or problems at the door so they don’t interfere with what you need to do at work, school, or wherever.

  4. Get outside. It doesn’t always work well, due to weather, but if you can at least find some good sunlight, it helps. Go sit in your car, go for a quick walk, and get out of where you are for a few minutes.

  5. If the space is yours, decorate it how you want. Change the colors on the walls, crystals that help clear the energy, plants everywhere, put things up on the wall that help your energy.

  6. Open the windows. Get fresh air in and flowing. Otherwise, the air just stays the same and doesn’t move.

  7. Make sure you have the blinds or curtains open. Let the sunlight in!

  8. Clean the space. Vacuum, dust, wash the fabrics or pillows, and clean the keyboard and mouse. Use a candle or sage if you can, but be careful of allergies and get permission first.

  9. The people: you can’t always choose who is there. However, you can choose how you react and interact with them. You can ask to move your desk, take more bathroom breaks, go to work/class earlier. On those things you do have a choice on, set boundaries with people.

We all need to take control of our environments in any way we can. That could mean a healthier space, or to make it more personal and woo-woo like me, while also being clean and making sure it works for your energy. Be conscious of what you put into your environment, what you take out, and what you can change about it. We don’t deserve to be in spaces that make us feel horrible in any way, we deserve places that feel safe and don’t drain us.