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Every Little Thing Your Friends Say about You Adds Up

There are many different types of boundaries that you need to create in your life. We all know how we want to be treated and the truth is that we want to be treated well. There is one thing that doesn’t get talked about enough when it comes to boundaries though, and that is how we let people talk about us to other people. I’m mainly talking about how friends introduce you to others, if it’s not respectful or kind. For example, if they introduce you to other people as the difficult, picky, or bitchy friend. Sometimes our friends fight boundaries because they are new to them or are inconvenient.

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2 Key Ways to Set Boundaries as an Introvert

We all have varying degrees of boundaries, what we will and won’t accept.


Our boundaries are commonly found in our routines. We have a consistent pattern for times when we wake up and go to bed. We understand what days we need to work and others that are free.


While those boundaries are ingrained in us, we often forget to lay the same groundwork for setting boundaries with people in our lives. And sometimes we have to adopt stronger boundaries for certain people.

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