Taking The Scenic Route

Nothing in our lives is a straight line. There aren’t many decisions we make that will last a lifetime. Sometimes we choose for it to be like that, and other times we don’t have a choice in the matter due to responsibilities. I want to talk about taking the scenic route in life because there is always so much pressure around us. Eighteen may be the legal age to become an adult, but I honestly believe that we don’t become adults until we are 21 or 22. Making all of these hard life decisions so early and having to stick to them is a ridiculous idea. We should be able to enjoy every point in our life to some degree.

Taking the scenic route

Taking the scenic route allows us to take it all in and to not constantly worry about the next step. The truth is, there are different paths to get to the same goal and we can always take a different path than we originally intended. Detours can be enjoyable and a learning experience as well. We should be able to live life in an upward spiral. You can make upward progress, but you know that you will also cycle through the same things from time to time. You will get better and better at things as they pass you by each time.

With the upward spiral, we also don’t have to stay in the same place long-term. We can move around and explore. Everyone acts like that’s the end of the world these days, but what happened to trying something just because you find it cool or interesting? We don’t need to compete, excel, or show off. It can be about the sense of community involved or simply enjoying the activity. The point of life is to take care of yourself. We can be adults while doing things that are enjoyable and exploring life, as long as we take care of ourselves while we do it.

You don’t have to wait in order to enjoy life. Enjoy it now. Letting yourself explore and be bored sometimes helps you figure things out. You don’t always have to be productive. It helps you learn about yourself and how you fit into the world around you. Give yourself time and space to just enjoy the road you’re on. I work on my businesses because I want to and because they bring me joy. I might not have discovered them if I didn’t allow myself to explore and be bored occasionally.

You have the option to try anything you want to try. Take the scenic route if you can. Take the time to breathe and explore. Try not to have a problem putting things on pause, or being stuck somewhere for a while. There is always a way out if it doesn’t work out, even if it takes longer than you want it to. You have plenty of time to decide how you want to live your life, or if you want to change your mind. Allow yourself to explore!