A Few Questions From The Introverts

Today on episode 8 of the Kicking & Screaming podcast, I will be tackling a few questions my fellow introverts have submitted, and answering them in detail for the rest of our listeners. We will be covering everything from stepping outside the box, to balancing style and comfort and holding on to your dignity in relationships.

Are you ready?

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Choosing Your Adventures

“What if I don’t want to go skydiving?”


The adventures that I talk about on my podcast don’t always have to be life-altering (to be honest, I don’t even know if I want to go skydiving…yet). It can be going to a new coffee shop, or trying a new spice in your soup. Anything that is out of the ordinary. Something different will make you active and present in your life, so make the conscious decision to step outside your comfort zone.


Owning Your Introvert-ness
“How do I show people that being an introvert is not a problem?”


Well, first off: stop apologizing for it! Remove “I’m sorry” from your vocabulary. Being an introvert is not ruining people’s lives. However, there is a difference between your choices reflecting your personality and being self-centered. If you are skipping out on birthday parties or social gatherings, ask yourself, “Is this because I am an introvert, or because I am being egotistical?”. At the same time, surround yourself with people who respect your boundaries, and don’t ever feel that you need to accept every invitation that comes your way.


Attire for Introverts

“How do I dress for new activities?


Consider the event and choose your outfit from there! Are you painting with friends? Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. What about a networking event? Dress for business. Be comfortable and don’t wear items that you have never worn before. Hate heels? Leave ‘em behind because your discomfort will show through.


Dating and (Lack of) Loyalty

“What do I do if he cheats on me?”


This one dumbfounded me a bit, but I will roll with it anyway. If your partner cheats on you, you are allowed to feel your emotions. You can cry and complain to your friends (side note: while it may be tempting to lash out, you probably shouldn’t). But remember: you do not deserve to be cheated on. A relationship is built on loyalty and respect. Hold on to your dignity!

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More Questions

Other points we will touch on in this episode are:


·         Is there such thing as a “one true love”?

·         Can you find your Prince Charming when you are young?

·         Do you have to be in a relationship to be happy?


Stay tuned for a complete rebrand coming in the next few weeks!  Same content, same topics, just a whole new look and sound!


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