How to give great gifts

For most people, “gifts” are associated with the holidays. However, for my friends and family, the gift-giving shit seems to be a never ending, year round thing.

Anyone else? 

How to give great gifts

With gifts for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, and other occasions, how do you keep it all straight?  How do you know what to get? The overwhelm is real.

Gift-giving is not usually a skill that introverts need to be concerned with. But, I am awesome at it, not to brag, and I want to help you to be, too. So by the end of this episode, you will not only know how to give great gifts, but look forward to doing it!

So, how do you give a great gift?

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the last second! Use your preferred organization method and mark events/reminders on your calendars. Thinking about the gift ahead of time allows you to plan for the expenses, and to get to the store or order the items or cards. I created a worksheet that you can use to list your friends’ and family members’ birthdays.  It’s a part of my Life Hack Bundle, which has six different worksheets for just $1.99!  You are free to reuse and reprint them as many times as you like, so jump on it! Or get the sheet in the signup below for free.

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    Get Creative

    Think a bit outside the box when it comes to what to get as a present.  Do you know someone who loves to shop? Then a gift card to their favorite store is a fantastic idea! Think about what the occasion is, and what might be useful to the receiver. If you are going to a baby shower, don’t just think about giving a gift to a newborn-sized baby. Instead, think about what they might need down the line, like larger sized clothes or diapers. And don’t forget experiences!  Consider gifting a zoo membership or a movie ticket to someone who doesn’t like getting “stuff”. Not sure what to give an adult family member? Think about giving a grocery store gift card so that they can experiment with food choices, or upgrade the items they normally buy. 

    At a loss?

    Giving gifts to people who always buy what they want for themselves requires extra thought and creativity. Make sure you anticipate possible snafus ahead of time and have a backup plan ready. Think about your connection with that person and give a gift that you can both enjoy together. For example, a “Paint and Sip” gift certificate for you both to have a night out is a great idea! But if someone specifies something they want, then follow their lead. You can even go in with other friends and family so you can show them, through effort and planning, how much you appreciate them. 

    There you have it – you are now as an awesome as a gift-giver as I am! Go out into the world and start giving with thought, love and confidence.