Introvert Role Models

There are role models for everything. Science, stand-up guys, smart independent women, great mothers, and the list could go on. We have some great introvert role models that I would like to share with you here. Introverts have talents as diverse as extroverts do. Being an introvert should not be a barrier to living a fulfilling life. They can do what they love and be good at it! 

Introvert Role Models

  1. Susan Cain- She is the author of the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. It’s a good book with quality research that points out that introverts are 50% of the population. We might get pushed back in the American culture, but there are other cultures where being an introvert is ideal. She also has a podcast based on her book that I enjoyed listening to.

  2. Denise Duffield Thomas- She is an Australian life and money coach. I love her books and her website, and I am on her email list. She gets on stage, does classes, and gets on video. She makes it work for her by limiting her trips to a few times a year, flying in business or first class, and staying in a hotel close to the event.

  3. Barack Obama- I don’t care what side you are on politics. He is an introvert. He loves having time to read and is eloquently spoken. I like him because we need men on this list and he’s still very relevant. He is in a high stress job and was always in the public eye, but it works for him.

  4. J.K. Rowling- Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I know so many introverts who love to write and read. It feels like a sense of solidarity that one of the most popular writers right now is an introvert like us! She limits the events she goes to and still maintains a presence.

  5. Meryl Streep- You would expect more outgoing people to be actors and actresses. I like her because she’s soft spoken and doesn’t put off a persona. She is who she is, even in the public eye, without losing herself or getting drained all the time.

  6. Eleanor Roosevelt- I have a president on here, and now a first lady. She did a lot of speeches, had philanthropic endeavors, hosted programs, and more. She did a lot of different things that required her to be out in the open, as well as taking care of her husband too, but she also took time for herself.

  7. Rosa Parks- She is a good example of an introvert that was a part of a movement. She stood up for what she felt was right in her own way and became a symbol for injustices and all the things that were wrong with the world at that time. After she died, people said she was timid, sweet, and soft spoken, but she had the courage of a lion. That’s all you really need in order to be an activist, courage and fortitude.

  8. Albert Einstein- I mentioned how there are role models for science, so I had to throw a scientist in the list. He was a genius, giving us so much information and many theories. He was also an activist. He taught a class of all black people because they weren’t allowed in a traditional school. He wanted to make sure everyone got educated. One of the quotes he is known for is: “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.” It is so true! We get our energy, drive, and muse from being alone.

  9. Dr. Seuss- I do love authors! Introverts tend to be better at the written word, rather than the spoken word most of the time. He was a prolific writer and very imaginative. He was afraid to meet kids when he was writing because he was afraid they would be disappointed in how different he was from his books. He thought they would expect him to be loud and boisterous, but be disappointed because he was quiet.

These are some of my favorite introvert role models, who I look up to when I feel down or when others are saying stupid things about being an introvert. We can be successful and get a lot done as these role models demonstrate. I would love to hear who your introvert role models are. Send me your ideas via email or Instagram. I will actually message you back! I’m sure there are more role models I haven’t heard or thought of, and we all need more role models in the world.