Annoying Questions Introverts Get All The Time

Sadly, many people make assumptions. Somehow, we are all supposed to be the same and do the same things. You can’t see me rolling my eyes, but I am. I feel like us introverts are always getting the weirdest questions because we’re not like everyone else. Some of these questions that people ask introverts all the time are:

Annoying questions introverts get all the time

  1. Are you angry? I get this one all the time. A lot of people think that because we’re not doing things the way everyone else is, or we’re not being loud or laughing as much, that we are angry about the situation. For example, everyone is laughing at a movie, but I am only chuckling. They ask me if I’m angry about being there or at the story in general. Sometimes, we just don’t find things laugh out loud funny. The logical answer in their heads is that we are angry. It’s the first thing people tend to “notice” or assume about us.

  2. Why can’t you be normal? I’m not sure what that’s even supposed to mean. I usually look at the person like “are you trying to be rude?” Most of the time, I can stare them down to get them to feel uncomfortable about what they said. Somehow, being different in any sense is not “normal” and gives them an excuse to be rude. We don’t even have to be doing anything out of the ordinary, just simply having different interests and doing things a different way makes them think we’re not normal.

  3. Is this your “thing?” You might have heard this more when you were younger, like being you was somehow a phase and not simply a part of who you are. This could be anything from being quiet, or wanting to stay home to read, or getting a job with low social interaction. They think you’ll learn how to do things like everyone else and you’ll become normal. Yet, nothing about us is actually abnormal because the human spectrum is wide and full of variety.

  4. Is it too hard to talk? When people want you to talk, they can sometimes be rude or condescending about it. Them pointing it out actually makes me want to talk less. I might even ignore them because of how they’re acting. It would be better if they were more constructive and helped us along in a positive way.

  5. Why do you have to be so difficult? I’m still trying to figure out what about me wanting not to socialize all the time is so difficult. They think we’re rude. Most of us know the social norms, but we may not know what to say, have nothing in common, or can’t keep up with the conversations. There’s nothing wrong with it. Maybe it’s not our problem, but theirs.

  6. Can’t you have some fun? Their “fun” isn’t always fun to me. Not everyone finds the same things fun because we’re all different. For example, I don’t like to drink super often, but I don’t judge others for finding that fun. If I don’t enjoy it, that doesn’t hurt anyone or ruin it for them. I just don’t want to participate. It’s okay to be there and do what you can, while taking breaks as needed. You may not find the whole thing fun, but you may enjoy other parts of it.

Please go out and interact with the world, have friends, and get some sun. Find ways that work for you to be involved in life and talk to people. Do whatever you need to do to have a more fulfilling life with the people in your life.

Nothing about us is abnormal