World Introvert Day and New Years

Happy New year and World Introvert Day. Which is on the 2nd of January. This time of year is all about rest and recharging for me. I get a break from family, I’m planning what the new year will bring, and figuring out where my business is going.

world introvert day.png

I never thought to look for a day for Introverts. Which is really strange since I enjoy finding all the random ones out there. Especially the ones about food.

I love this time of year. I feel accomplished because I got through all the different holiday gatherings. No one died (…by my hand). And I get a few days to rest.

But this is also the time where I can dream and plan. Some of my favorite things to do. I figure out all the things I want to do for the year. All the books I want to read. Different things to try out. The possibilities are endless right now.

Then I get down to figuring out how to make them a reality. Cause a dream without a plan is just a wish.

Keep an eye out on my instagram to see some of my planning and what I hope to accomplish this coming year.