The Survival Guide to Traveling as an Introvert (Part 1): In a Group

When did vacations become such a damn hassle? Between taking time off, itineraries, problems with your boss, PTO…it is seriously a nightmare. However, it is something we all need every now and then, especially if we want to recharge by taking a few days to relax in the sun.


Something that might make traveling even more difficult is if you are doing it in a group. Whether it be with friends or family, vacationing in large numbers can be taxing if you don’t approach it in a strategic sense. And trust me, being stressed is the last thing you want when you are getting away from everyday life!


Planning can not only make your vacation more enjoyable, but it can also nip common issues in the bud, such as miscommunication, overbooking activities and being smothered by your travel buddies (see where I’m going with this?). So here is your Survival Guide to Vacationing as an Introvert, the Group Edition.




Get together and find out where you are going, what you are doing and who you will be with (or not be with!). This doesn’t have to be militant – just an overview. As an introvert, this tip is important to remember because good communication will help you choose your moments of downtime throughout the trip. So whether it is over email, lunch or a quick phone call, establish early on that you don’t have to do everything together.



Vacations can get expensive, so keep in mind that an excursion with a smaller group (or alone) means more budgeting. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your introversion to save a few bucks, but be mindful of which activities you would like to do alone, and which ones you feel would be enjoyable with a friend or two tagging along. From there, begin budgeting your finances so you (and your wallet!) know what to expect. Feel free to download my budgeting freebie below.



Whether you are in another country or a few hours away from home, safety is a big consideration when it comes to traveling. We all know introverts often need space to recharge, “safety in numbers” is not something you can rely on during times of solitude. Since staying in your hotel room can be boring, feel free to venture out to explore. However, I encourage you to scope out the space first. Is it a populated or secluded area? Are there a lot of employees around, or is it a ghost town? The best thing to do is ask the front desk of your hotel for a list of peaceful places, or do your own research before you leave. That way you will have a list to pick from when it comes time to zone out, listen to music, read, reflect or stare into space.


Remember: Asking for time alone doesn’t make you a difficult person. There will always be that one person who wants to dictate everyone’s schedule, so lay down the law early on. This is your vacation, your money and your time. Don’t let anyone take that away from you! If someone gives you grief, tell them to take a hike (literally or figuratively).



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