Introverted kids in sports and clubs

Hey guys and welcome back to the Introvert’s Bubble podcast. This episode was created specifically for the parents of introverted children, as well as the rest of us that fit within the criteria of today’s discussion: extracurricular activities participants.

Introverted kids in sports and clubs


We tend to get heavily involved in after-school or weekend organizations in high school and college. By that time, we have figured out what we are interested in (as opposed to what our parents want us to do), so whether it be sports, theatre, debate teams or multi-cultural clubs, extracurricular opportunities give people the chance to make new friends, add to a resume and explore new hobbies and enrichment experiences.



As you or your introverted child begin to venture out into the world that exists beyond school and work, there are some key things to watch out for so you can make the most out of your of extracurricular involvement:



We have discussed it in previous episodes, so I am sure you know this already, but introverts need downtime. I suggest that you schedule in time so you or your child can recharge, eat dinner, hang out with friends or play on the computer. This will help you recover from the excitement of your latest meeting, practice or event and bring the focus back to YOU.


Mind your schedule

It’s easy to want to do “all the things”, but you can’t be everywhere at once – you will overexert yourself. Keep an eye on the calendar to make sure nothing conflicts with things that are priorities (school, your job, etc.), as well as making sure you stay healthy and stress-free.


Having a way out

I am not saying to lie, per se…but in case you or your child need to skip out on an activity, have a plausible excuse ready. Keep it short, simple and non-elaborative, and people won’t give it a second thought.


And for the introverted adults: if you are struggling to find activities or groups to join, I suggest going to or doing a Google search to find an event that focuses on what you enjoy doing (gaming, business, fitness, etc.). The good thing about these types of groups is that they only meet a few times a month or year, so you don’t risk the chance of becoming drained or signing up for something that is too much of a commitment.


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