How to Prepare for Any Situation

Hello, Introverts! I see you all out there, carrying your bubbles! On this episode, I want to have a quick chat about prepping for unknown situations. Whether it is the first day of a new job, a new school, or even a podcast, do you know how to plan accordingly?


Gather Information

Set yourself up for success by knowing the specifics. Who are you supposed to meet with? What time and where? What do you need to bring with you? Use Google and social media to figure out what you need to know beforehand and formulate an action plan from there. It is always a good idea to learn about the company to impress whoever it is you are talking to that day, so do your research!


Plan ahead to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Be on time, have cash or coins for parking, and check the traffic in the morning. You may even want to think about laying out your clothes the night before (and make sure they are appropriate for whoever you are meeting with). If it’s a job interview, then it never hurts to pack a spare shirt in case you spill on yourself. Think about all of the possible issues and map out the solutions ahead of time to save time.

Manage Yourself

Make sure you have “cush time”. Putting your best self forward means eating well-balanced meals, drinking lots of water, practice speaking slowly and clearly, making sure you visit the restroom before your meeting.

Don’t Over-Prepare

Recognize your strengths, as well as your limitations. Some introverts tend to overanalyze every situation, which turns into analysis paralysis. Stay away from the rabbit-hole of tangents, or making yourself overly informed. Your brain doesn’t need to be over-inundated with so many details that you can’t recall what is important! If that means you have to limit your research, then do it.

Pull yourself together and good luck. You got this; I am rooting for you!