bolld bossy tshirt

"Bold does not equal Bossy"
This is so true. It's hard to be a business owner, you have to wear all the hats at all times. You are always the CEO, CFO, creative director and billing department, all in one (highly stressed and always caffeinated) package. You are not bossy, you are bold. You are someone who knows what they want for their business, and for themselves. You know how to get it, so don't worry about speaking your mind, because you're not bossy, you are BOLD.

~Rachel Brenke

natalie test.png

Awesome pants. So stretchy. More handstanding and more bending!


devan mug.png

When bossy little girls grow up to be the boss... πŸ™ŒπŸΌ We need more of those feisty little female leaders! Raise your hand if you were a "bossy girl" growing up. I know I was! Keep being a boss and inspiring the littles around you to do the same.

~ Devan Danielle

Mermaid Leggings

Too cute to pass up

Now we can match and workout together. So soft with great stretch. Since we couldn't decide, we both got one and now share.

~ Karen