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Being a Better Person Doesn't Mean You Have to be Less Introverted

Growing older means growing as a person. I don’t know if this topic came to mind because of New Year’s, or my birthday, or for other reasons, but most of us want to be better people. We try to do that as every year goes by or when we try new things. It also comes from constructive criticism in our lives. For example, when someone tells us we were insensitive or rude, we want to know so that we can change and grow. No one is ever completely done learning in life and we don’t purposely rub people the wrong way.

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The Art of Letting Stuff Go

Not everything is butterfly and rainbows.

Shit happens.

Relationships end, friends fight, people get fired...all of those situations suck, and we all tend to react differently. Whether it be crying, sleeping, exercising, lashing out or raging (who knows, maybe even all of those at the same time), it’s important to realize that when bad stuff happens, we need to let it flow through us.

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Allowed to be alone

Look, sometimes it’s nice to have nothing planned. It’s rough when you expect to literally do nothing and then someone wants to hang out with you. You know the feeling. The moment is awkward because they apparently have no interest right than in doing nothing, and you are looking forward to doing nothing. Quite the crossroads, right?

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Odd One Out

A lot of my podcast episodes are created around my reactions to things that happen to me, or around me. That being said, I was having a conversation with a few women in business that I had connected with at networking events and meet-up groups. As we were talking, I was pleasantly surprised to realize we were all alike: confident in ourselves and “OK” with who we are.

Sure, some of them were worried about being respected enough to be successful in their business, but since humans are social creature, that is a normal reaction to life’s challenge of being likeable to others.

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Introverts, Love and Relationships

I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day.


I don’t feel that there should be one out of 365 days reserved to celebrate your relationship. It seems kind of silly. If you have a partner, you should want to touch them, give gifts and be good to each other all the time, right? But, since we are half-way into February, I figured that today’s episode would be the perfect time to discuss introverts and romantic relationships.


Introverts crave love and connection, just like anyone else. However, it can be tough for us to navigate romance. On one hand, being in a relationship is great because you have a good amount of intimate one-on-one time together. But then there are those times that are hard for the introverted partner (going out, serious conversations, trying new things) and it is important to have those discussions early in the relationship in order to avoid conflict.

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