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Have a Merry Holiday

Just wanted to pop in to let you guys know its time for me to hibernate... Just kidding. But I am taking time off for the holidays and my birthday next month (and wedding anniversary). I'm in major planning mode for the rest of the year. So I should be back by mid-January.

Planning the next batch of podcast episodes. Working with a new manufacturer for my apparel. And just a bunch of new products for you. I hope you have lots of fun stuff coming too. Extra aerial training. And working more on my art and photography, and writing a book.

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4 Small Steps to Jump Start Your Dream

We all have dreams. From the small ones like getting a gift or hoping for a compliment from someone you look up to. To medium ones like a raise or getting asked out by that guy you've crushed on for a year.

But the are larger ones in life. The ones that sneak into your thoughts throughout the day. The ones you mostly or completely keep to yourself. Those lofty ones that would change your life. And probably scare the shit out of you.

Have you done anything with those big dreams?

No? Didn't think so.

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