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Sorry, All People Are Draining

There are a few things that introverts have a hard time explaining, or things that other people tend to take personally. One of the biggest things I find hard to explain is that all people are draining no matter what. For a lot of people, those that they find draining are for a reason, such as that person is selfish, boring, or needy. It’s someone who they don’t want to be around or wouldn’t be around if they had the choice.

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Introvert Myths

In season 1 of The Introvert’s Bubble, I had an episode about misconceived and preconceived notions of what introverts are like. I thought I would add a couple more that have been popping up lately and I have found particularly strange. These connect to the ones I mentioned last season, but have been added to. They think it makes the sayings more true for some reason. An example: “you’re a woman…” or “you’re a minority,” so you must be blank. These are the type of things that make you go “huh?”

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Dogs are an Introvert's Best Friend

I’m not gonna lie, I love dogs. Anybody who knows me knows that I talk about them all the time and am easily distracted by them. I even ignore people and pay attention to the dogs. They are a passion for me. They’re always happy to see you and don’t require a lot of talking. They will lounge around with you, but also get you up and moving to take them outside.

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