The Personal Side to Journaling

The Personal Side to Journaling

Is this the picture you get when you think about journaling?

I wish.

Let me give you a glimpse into how and where I journal.

And that’s just recent. I always have a notebook, pens, and a book with me (and half the time my camera too), because I never know when I’ll need to write something down. I have been known to move away from a group I’m with to write something real quick.

That is how I am. I’m addicted to the written word. And it has completely changed my world.

Reading has shown me all the ways to be strong and true to yourself. That no one has the right to treat you the way you don’t want to. Honestly, there is too much that I have learn from reading that I would have to fill another blog post with it.

But writing…. My journal has been a trusted confidante.

Because of it I decided and felt comfortable not dating in high school and the first half of college. And I stood my ground through the insensitive comments, insults and harassment. Even from the people who should have had my back. No, I will not date your friend because you thought it was funny that he made a bet that he could get me to date him.

And I concentrated on school and having fun experiences. I took the time to explore myself and know who I was better than most young women my age then.

Writing gave me the courage to study abroad for a year. To Ireland, that a favorite author helped me fall in love with. It was there I solidified my love for photography and independence.

I met some great people and immersed myself in many cultures. Visited Greece by myself during the marathon. Hiked the Highlands of Scotland. Spent a long weekend with a friend in Florence. Eating every variety of gelato I could find.

I never drank a drop of alcohol. I was already 21 when I left (and the legal age in Ireland is 18). And I still haven’t. Never saw a reason to and never let myself be pressured into it.

It made me change my mind about an elective class to Judo. Which taught me self defense that I have had to use. But it also pointed me to the man that I would eventually date (finally at 23). And I was happy to say I’ve never had a bad break-up or and horrible date stories. He is also the brave man who I eventually married.

Now I’m not saying that journaling will miraculously change your life. You still need to do the work. And it won’t prevent anything bad from happening. But it can give you the insight and room to explore all the possibilities of life.


There is a way to journal without all the fluff and posturing. Hit me up in the comments with how you journal or questions you might have.