The Meaning of Courage and Creativity

What does courage mean to you? Heroic acts or risking your life? How about creativity? Fantastic works of work only made by a select few, the “starving” artist, or giant technology companies?

It’s much simpler then that.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines them as:

Courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Creativity:the ability to create and to make new things or think of new ideas.

That is it. Nothing more. No long list of prerequisites to have it or do it. You choose what you do with it.

Does that sound like something you can do?

I’m not asking you guys to change who you are and completely overhaul your lives. We are just trying to enhance our lives. It may only be an hour a month or several times a week. This is not a competition. I want us all to help each other; give encouragement and advice. Though I will be asking you guys to put some of the things you do up on social media, the point is not to show off and make people believe a fake version of your life.

And can not try something because you don’t feel like it. Or hate something once you do. The point is trying. Not to join in with everyone or find an existential calling. Just 10 minutes of courage to try something creative.

So make a pledge with me. What is one thing you are going to try this month that you keep talking yourself out of? Buy a frivolous magazine, take an archery class, write a poem, or get a massage? Doesn’t matter what it is as long as its out of the norm for you.

I swear I will buy a pass and take an aerial class. And promise to put some pictures up on Instagram.