The Introvert Coach: Interview with Winnie

I had Winnie Anderson, from the Courageous Entrepreneur Show podcast, as a guest. Her podcast helps entrepreneurs get past doubt, to create success. She is also a coach that helps introverts. We had talked together in a group of other female entrepreneurs and found out we had things in common. The most important thing we had in common was that we both help introverts and each have a podcast.

The Introvert Coach

Winnie started as an independent professional. She was looking for ways to get her message out and as an introvert, as the whole marketing and sales was not fun for her at all. She started by writing articles, the first of which ended up being a cover for her  newspaper from back home. That led to attention and to being hired as a writer at an agency. When she got laid off, she started to hear more about podcasting and she liked what she heard about it. She figured it was a great strategy for her to get her message out, and to create content and repurpose it in many different ways. She started out with a podcast about technology, but moved on when she figured out that wasn’t what her audience needed after all


What Winnie found is that she was giving her clients marketing strategies and they weren’t using them. They claimed it was the technology, but that was just an excuse. She discovered that fact later on and also that these individuals were introverts. Once she started to come out about being an introvert, other people started to as well. Then, she came up with a whole new set of strategies and approaches to help her own clients. She only works with introverts now. I wish I could only work with introverts, but extroverts are half the population. Plus, every once in a while, it’s nice to have them because they do the talking for me.

People who knew Winnie was an introvert started asking her how she did what she did. The more she talked about what worked for her, the more other introverts wanted to hear about it. She was able to create a system and process that she could explain that made sense to other introverts. She wanted to work with them, rather than trying to change them.

Winnie says the biggest issue with her clients is difficulty to stay focused and consistent in moving toward the goal. We have so many ideas in our heads and then more that continue to pop into our heads all the time, which makes it difficult to stay on track. The issue with that is that it’s hard to get to the end point if it’s not clear enough. Introverts are so in their head and reflective, that they’re not taking consistent action to continuously move forward. She says it’s important to be self-aware, capitalize on our strengths, and managing priorities. Take micro movements each day, or nearly every day, and you will ultimately get you to your goal. I wholeheartedly believe that as well