Little Ways to Survive the Holidays

Just wanted to drop in real quick since this is the start of the holiday season for most. And to remind you to take a deep breath.


I know for some (including myself) the holidays are not always a fun, magical may have to work extra hours. Have more ‘obligations’ from school to parties. And that doesn’t count actual birthdays at this time too. Gift giving has turn into an Olympic sport and with too many people never appreciative of said gifts. And you have some downright horrible people in your life.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do it all. Or be all chipper with people. Just because some people have mistletoe shoved up their ass. (Now, I’m not ripping on on most decent people who are just a little more jolly this time of year. But we all know those people who push being more ‘thankful, grateful, and charitable’ then everyone else these two months.)

But we learn quickly to pick our battles. Sometimes your peace of mind means ignoring the digs or to keep walking out of rooms. And don’t think less of yourself if you do. Even if that’s nothing like you.

If you have no allies there, you also have the right to not go. You deserve to be around people who love and respect you. And if no one actually says to you that what that person does in not right then they are feeding the monster. Their silence if their agreement. And you can find better people. They are out there.

If things are not so drastic you could always give a little back. Now I’m not saying you need to go full Purge on them. There is a Pagan saying that I like to live by.

Also, don’t be a petty little shit. They have you beat there. But there’s nothing wrong with showing people you are not a doormat.

Keep your humor, but also your humility. Nobody’s perfect.