Introverts and Dating: Poscast Episode 5

Man, the holiday season can be a mine field for single people. Intrusive questions from relatives. Office parties with horrifying small talk. That for some reason we're all suppose to be attached to someone at this time.

I didn't know this time of year is also called the "Cuffing Season". Where people may stay with someone they're dating just to have a +1 for gatherings and events. This blows my mind. Dating is hard enough. Now you have to think that the person you've been seeing isn't as serious as you are and might dump you after the new year?

I mean, I didn't start dating until I was 23. I didn't have time for it. And I don't do casual very well. Some people might say because I'm not good at sharing. And I'm like Damn Right.

kicking and screaming podcast episode 5.png

To my family I was the weird, wild girl. Always off doing something. Never doing "normal" things. So the pressure to date wasn't as strong for me. I mean, I wanted to. But I couldn't find anyone that I actually found "attractive". And not just the physical sense.

But I didn't make myself settle. Mostly because I believed that I didn't actually needed one. My life could be fulfilled without a significant other. And you don't need it either.

But....its really nice having a partner. So if you want some ups and downs from another introvert who had problems dating and some pointers, have a listen to this episode.

If you want this list for dating pointers just drop your info below.