Introvert Travel: With a Partner

Welcome to Part 2 of The Survival Guide to Traveling as an Introvert. In Part 1, we discussed how to navigate the tricky waters of traveling in a group. However, in this episode, we will be exploring the topic of traveling with your partner.


Vacationing with one person can go one of two ways: perfect or disastrous. On one hand, you won’t have to spend every day dodging a gaggle of friends to get some peace and quiet. But on the other hand, with one person, there may be no escape to indulge in some much-needed solitude.

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With that being said, here are some tips I have for surviving a trip with your partner:


Plan it Out

Just like you would plan an exciting excursion, a couple’s massage or an exotic dinner, pencil in some alone time as if it is an event on your itinerary. In order for us introvert’s to fully enjoy ourselves, we need those precious moments to recharge! The good news is that if you are traveling with someone you know very well, they will respect that trait about you and leave you to relish your book, music, stroll or siesta.


Be an Early Bird

If your partner can’t bear spending a second without you, take advantage of the sunrise. Wake up before them to take pictures, go on a hike or enjoy breakfast at a café (just make sure you bring a muffin back with you!).


Safety First

Just like we discussed in Part 1 of our Survival Guide, if you are going to spend time alone, make sure you are conscious of the safety of you and your partner. Scout the area to find populated places, reserve your hotel slightly away from the city and don’t go out after dark. Depending on where you are vacationing, you may even choose to stay on hotel grounds the whole time. If that is the case, do your research and make sure you choose accommodations that have interesting amenities that you can enjoy solo.


All in all, it’s all about the preparation. So before you buy those plane tickets, think it through and talk it out with your partner. Having everything in order will guarantee a stress-free vacation with many memorable moments (alone and together).