Great Night Habits

Hi Y’all!  In my last episode, Episode 51 I talked about great morning habits..and what compliments great morning habits?  You guessed it!  Good nighttime habits. 

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You all know how much I love my routines and night time is no exception to that. So, Dear Introverts and Listeners, let’s talk about good nighttime habits to implement into your 24-hour routine.  Here are my top six tips:


Early to Bed, Early to Rise

If you wake up groggy and feeling crappy, then your ass needs to be in bed earlier.  Hop off Pinterest, stop texting and hit the hay!


Be Hygienic

Take care of yourself. Wash your face and brush your teeth. No one wants to fall asleep tasting the remnants of breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

Take a few minutes to do some simple stretches and deep breathing. If you need more guidance on this, then google something like “night time stretches”, like the one at the bottom of this blog post.


Read or Journal

Journaling can be awesome for decompressing, documenting memories or simply calming your mind. When it comes to reading, choose something that is relaxing, enjoyable and peaceful. No one wants to fall asleep after reading an intense chapter of a science fiction story! That would make for some pretty weird dreams.


Prepare for the following day

Lay out your clothes, prep your meals, pack your purse/backpack and make a to-do list so you can just wake up, get ready and start your day. It may take a few extra minutes at night, but you will thank yourself in the morning!


Go Screen Free

Turn off your devices at least an hour before bed. Netflix will be there tomorrow. Your brain needs time to wind down from the input of electronics. Trust me, it’s science!


People, your sleep is important!  It is such a valuable asset to your health, your productivity and your happiness. Let’s review: go to bed at a decent hour, wash your face and brush your teeth. Stretch for a few minutes to help your body unwind, read or journal, prep for the next day, and turn off your screens.  Doing all of these tasks will improve the quality of your life. You can’t have a good morning without a good night beforehand!