Introvert Guilt In Its Many Forms

This episode will be the last in the season, but don’t worry, we will begin again in a couple of weeks!

I wanted to go out with a bang and talk about emotions, situations and responses that are unique to introverts, and how you can deal with them.

Introvert's Bubble - Blog Graphic (2).png

Let me start by saying that the world is a noisy place for introverts. Between work and life, we are so often “talked out” at the end of the day. We crave precious silence and it is so easy to retreat into our bubbles, alone, without friends and family. People might think we are a little too reserved, too quiet, homebodies, and maybe even non-memorable. But that doesn’t mean our presence doesn’t contribute to the world. It just maybe means that we aren’t as flashy as extroverted people.

Guess what? That’s OK.

That being said, here are some common things that introvert’s should look out for in response to “being themselves”.


Some of your family and friends might not attend your events if you don’t attend their own. You also may not be invited to each and every party they throw. I know this sounds harsh, but I have lived it and want to make you aware that it can happen to you, too. But, who cares? That gives more time for you to retreat and relax.


Understand that we are so, well, misunderstood. Our silence is taken for rudeness, our pondering is taken for aloofness, or our wall-flower behavior can be taken as anti-social. The truth is that judging how we spend our quiet time hurts, and it is easy to want to stay inside all of the time. But try to make an effort to venture out of your comfort zone while still staying true to yourself.


Since people do not understand you, they will give you all kinds of advice and tips on how to be “normal”. What is normal, anyway? Politely decline and tell them that you are happy with the person you are. Which brings me to my next point…


You are awesome. Therefore, never try to be someone you aren’t. Don’t let others guilt you into being a person you don’t want to be. If you hate to entertain, then don’t do it just because someone else said you should. Live your life for you!


Time is precious. Don’t waste it! Spend your free hours how you want to spend them, and avoid things that make you miserable. Reading a book at home instead of attending an event isn’t hurting anyone! Just use your judgement when making those decisions (for example, Grandma’s 100th birthday party may be an important shindig to attend!).

I hope I am empowering you to make choices that you feel good about. I want you to be happy and be who you are. Everyone that doesn’t want those things for you can go screw themselves.