Finding Ideas and The Creative Inside: Interview with Joanna

Introvert's Bubble -Interview with Joanna Pieters of the Creative Life Show

Hey Peeps, thanks for joining me on the Introvert’s Bubble today. This episode is going to be a fun one! I am interviewing Joanna Pieters, whom I met in a Facebook podcasting group. Joanna is a coach and mentor for creatives, just like me and you.  She has 20 years of experience in the creative industry and describes herself “as the glue between the creatives and the commercial areas.”  Pretty, cool, right? She has her own podcast, too, The  Creative Life Show, which I will link below. But until then, let’s get into her interview!



One of the things that Joanna does is help creatives identify their big ideas and bring them to life. She says that a successful idea is like a game of “connect the dots”. In other words, ideas are formless, or even meaningless, until they are broken down to their bare components. So, when you break down an idea to give it “shape”, then you begin to articulate the importance behind the idea and – at last! – connect the dots.

If you are creative, or are looking to unleash your imagination but you aren’t sure where to start, here are some tips to follow:

  • Don’t let “what if” or “why” ruin your creativity and your flow. Stay strong in your uniqueness!
  • If you are a creativepreneur, do not feel pressured to make millions right away. Start out slow and grow organically, not rapidly, so you can learn and adapt professionally as you gain experience.
  • Include a friend or a mentor in your planning processes. Having a sounding board will make you feel confident in your ideas and hold you accountable to move forward and see them through to the end.
  • Stay curious and open-minded. Your imagination is powerful, as is the voice in your head, so use what you discover there as a basis for your creative ideas.

Joanna and I would both love to hear from you!  Her social media links are below, and she would love if you could put your thoughts about our chat into words and post them. I always appreciate comments, too! Thanks for listening.