Simplify Your Life: Interview With Mary of the Simplifiers Podcast

“What would my life be like if things were simple?”

That’s a million dollar question, right? Simplifying is easier said than done, but we tend to shy away from it. Does it really have to be that way?

Simply your life, interview with Mary Baird-Wilcox on the Introvert's Bubble Podcast

Today's episode is an interview with Mary Baird-Wilcox of The Simplifiers Podcast. And she has one goal with her help people simplify their lives. With over 15+ years experience in running her own company, she coaches creative entrepreneurs on how to simplify and optimize the operations side of their small business, including sales mastery, shifting towards a thriving mindset and how to do less to accomplish more. Ultimately, helping them become a hero.


Through her years of coaching, mentoring, podcasting and being a thriving entrepreneur, Mary has found that no matter what struggle her clients are facing, the solution always circles back to developing a thriving mindset. Through her personal stories and experiences, she can confidently say that when you change your way of thinking, you will automatically notice that everything else shifts for the better – spiritually, emotionally, physically, professionally and interpersonally. And since the brain in the strongest muscle there is, we have to train it by asking ourselves questions, such as “Who am I?”, “How do I view myself?” and “How do I show up in the world?’”.

Once you have changed your mindset, “simplifying” starts to seem more attainable. You can then move forward and apply your newfound way of thinking to where your struggles lie. For example, do you want to know about finance? Change your views on money. Do you want to lose weight? Change your relationship with food.

You have the all the answers you seek inside your head. You just need to coax it out a little bit by exploring what is inside, and find out what is stopping you from making that simple plan that will help you reach your goal. 

Mary breaks down our brain into three sections:


This part of the brain is analytical and data-driven. “Go-go-go”, deadlines and rushing from one project to another.


The feminine side the brain is just what it sounds like: flowy, artsy, lovey, empathetic and “squishy”.


The fun side of your brain is where the party is at! Playful, spontaneous, crazy, creative and excited for life.

Most of our thinking lies within the masculine side. However, it’s important to make sure you are satisfying all 3 parts of your brain if you want to develop simplified approach to life. One thing Mary suggests is to “Seven Minute Journaling”. This is where you open a journal and write your limiting belief at the top of the page. From there, set a timer for seven minutes and begin writing (“word-vomiting”) on the page. No edits! No scribbles! Just write. After the timer beeps, put down your pen and take note of how you feel. You may find that you not only feel better, but you have found the solutions you were looking for; the answers that will help you formulate that plan to simplify your life!

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