How You Must Journal

How You Must Journal

Does any of this sound familiar?

There is no reason to journal if you can’t spend an hour alone and in complete silence. Why waste the time to do something you need to do and makes you feel better unless can give it the time you need. Because each time you do it you must get a zen-like feeling and an astounding epiphany from it. Or that you have to meditate beforehand then sit at your emasculate desk filled with loving pictures and crystals. With a gorgeous leather-bound journal and a calligraphy pen.

Why would you do anything unless you can do it 100%?

Does anyone else feel ridiculous about this? How would you get anything done if you did everything this way?

Now I’m looking at some of you right now, shaking my finger. We’ve all done this with something in our lives. Not do things because of how important they are. But you’re too scared of failing and getting it “right” that you don’t do it at all.

Journaling is not some big scary thing. It’s a tool. A step. Yes, it can give you the pieces for your dream. Help you get over a past hurt. But your time with it isn’t angst filled. You can fill it it with a fun event, something funny that happened, or just random silly things that come to mind.

Do you still want to know how you MUST journal?

Just write.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

You can do it every day or every month. On paper, computer, or carve that shit on stone. The only right way is what’s right for you. Not what you think it should be.

Not sure what’s right for you?

Start writing.