Get Back to Natural Connection + Challenge

get back to natural connection

Do you remember college? (Hell this could be high school too) Where you always had something to do and people to meet. Where it was easy to make friends and explore new things. Hear about things going on and people to go to them with.

Do you miss it too?

I know I do. I only spent one year living on campus, but even the time I didn’t I could still do all of this. Just to a lesser degree. Its in these places of forced attendance that you have something in common with a big group of people.. You are all there to learn. And through that you start talking and find more in common.

Wasn’t it so much easier then? There was so much going on in such a small area. And people were pretty inclusive to others coming.

But now you’re an “adult”. Most of your days are stuck working and if you’re lucky you don’t hate everyone around you. Your circle of friends has dwindled down (like way down). Everyone is on different schedules and you have to fight for their time with family and significant others. So you all get stuck barely seeing each other and doing the same thing each time.

Or worse, you’re the one who doesn’t have the “nice” full-time job. So you sit around a lot waiting for people to be available and sometimes you cant even afford to do the things they want.

When did being an adult come to always being tired, working, and going out to the same place all the time?

Maybe you want to expand your circle of friends again? Maybe have some people who will do different things with you? Not saying to get rid of your old friends, but some people are happy with their same routine.

But you’re not. You know there’s more for you out there. Maybe its not some huge revelation, but a part of you that needs a little more attention. To add more natural connection to your life.

One way I found to find new people to meet in real life is online. Strange, no? I mean we’re all on social media and if you try to make connections instead of followers, it can work. Just last month I met up with some lovely ladies from a Twitter chat I sometimes participate in. Where you actually use the social in social media.

There are opportunities all around. I met a guy on Instagram and now I read his writings on Wattpad. I am now friends with some of the ladies form the meet-up on Facebook and Instagram and its great to see what they’re up to.

Still not sure? Well, how about I do an Instagram challenge with you?

Every week of April lets all do something new. The theme will be #BeANewbie. Keep an eye on my Instagram each week for specifics. This week’s challenge will be to do something new thats physical.