Devan & Kayla On Journaling

I swear this is almost over! I’m getting a little sick of myself, so you might be too. I’ve spent the last week of my free time sitting on the floor surrounded by notebooks, my laptop, and random pieces of paper. Trying to get all my ducks in a row.

So, if you’re still not convinced about taking my course and writing some shit down, I’ve got some lovely badass ladies to tell you why they journal.


Devan has actually been my business coach, and most of what you’ve seen me do, she has had a hand in. Girl is good.

Kayla is a community building coach and I love being a part of her #createlounge twitter chats and meet-ups. I’m going to let these sisters preach.

Devan Danielle  —

I'm a pencil and paper girl when it comes to journaling. Right now, I have five journals piled on my desk and one on my night stand. I spend most of my time in the daily journal I created, which is a combination of the Productivity Planner and Emily Thompson's Bullet Journaling method. My vision journal is always within arms reach to capture my business and branding ideas. Another journal is dedicated to my thoughts on work and life, which normally turn into newsletter topics, tweets, and Instagram posts. I currently have two spiritual journals as well: my God Time and Tarot journal. Finally, I keep a journal on my nightstand to take notes on whatever book I'm currently reading. I'm definitely a little journal happy, but it keeps me sane and organized!

The best way to build your personal brand is to get to know yourself better. Journaling continues to help me and my Brand Coaching clients choose the best direction for themselves and their brand moving forward.

I remember keeping a notebook secretly stashed between my mattress and box spring growing up, but I started journaling religiously about three years ago. Journaling really came in handy for me through the transition of leaving my full-time corporate job, picking up a part-time social media job, and finally running my branding business full-time. Journaling has also helped me work through the mental blocks that come with running your own business and moving every few months.


Kayla Hollatz — &

I keep several journals actually. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping track! I have a main journal which I consider my vision journal where I write prompts for myself that are inspired by experiences I'm struggling with or clarity I'm trying to gain in a specific area of my life. I also write in a daily prayer journal every night and keep a sketchbook for all of my content and business ideas.

Honestly, I started because I couldn't not journal. I am extremely introspective to where my brain never shuts off. I love journaling because I get to wrangle all the thoughts in my head and lay them out on the page. The quote "I don't know what I think until I write it down" is definitely true for me. I've journaled off and on since I was a little kid. My mom and I even kept a journal together growing up as a way to document our relationship. I've tried just about every journaling method under the sun but have learned I like my own systems because they work for me.

It's helped me gain clarity and at times keep my own sanity! I turn to journaling everyday to take steps toward my bigger vision for my life. I also love how journaling acts as a time capsule that you can refer back to. It's a crucial part of my creative process. I love having a business dedicated journal where I can play and map out ideas for coaching packages, products, and other services. It's also fun (and hilarious!) to look back on old business ideas too. Journaling can actually be a great conversation starter! People use it in so many different ways that I've often found it as a way to connect with other creatives.

See what I mean about these ladies? Don’t you want to have some of the same drive and productivity as them?