Celebrate Earth Day

Every time you turn around there’s another themed “day” to celebrate. Luckily today is not a frivolous one. Bare with me, taking care of the environment is one of my passion causes. We should do what we can for the planet. It is the only one we can live on. (Right now.)

Don’t worry that is all the lecturing I’m going to do. There are so many fun and easy things you can do to celebrate this day. Even to do it every day. (Or whenever you can. Really this isn’t a guilt trip for you.)

Maybe for your moment of courage you find an Earth Day fair or event to attend. There are usually ones run by your local government, library, or schools. These can be anything from tree plantings, clean-up, to learning how to take care of you local area. Don’t worry, they are rarely boring with fun games and activities for everyone.

Or create you own mini event. Get some friends and family together to plant your own tree or clean a local park. Or if you finally decide to have your own garden. You can make it a group effort to build and plant. (I do suggest you don’t make it on your own if you can. Its a lot of work, I’ve had to do several on my own :p )

Flowers is always a good option. Food for the bees and butterflies.

Flowers is always a good option. Food for the bees and butterflies.

If you want to just be a homebody, that’s perfectly fine. Here are some great books to read to get you into the green mood. You can do any of the other things to celebrate on any other day. I just hope you do read outside for some needed fresh air.

  • Let There Be Water
  • Half Earth
  • Silent Spring
  • Animals on the Edge
  • This Changes Everything

So what are your plans for Earth Day? What are somethings you want to continue on for the rest of the year?