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Sorry, All People Are Draining

There are a few things that introverts have a hard time explaining, or things that other people tend to take personally. One of the biggest things I find hard to explain is that all people are draining no matter what. For a lot of people, those that they find draining are for a reason, such as that person is selfish, boring, or needy. It’s someone who they don’t want to be around or wouldn’t be around if they had the choice.

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Taking The Scenic Route

Nothing in our lives is a straight line. There aren’t many decisions we make that will last a lifetime. Sometimes we choose for it to be like that, and other times we don’t have a choice in the matter due to responsibilities. I want to talk about taking the scenic route in life because there is always so much pressure around us. Eighteen may be the legal age to become an adult, but I honestly believe that we don’t become adults until we are 21 or 22. Making all of these hard life decisions so early and having to stick to them is a ridiculous idea. We should be able to enjoy every point in our life to some degree.

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Self Care Is Not Lazy

Self-care is such a buzzed about word. It’s not hard to find easy ways to take care of yourself, but I want to talk about the labels other people put on self-care. For example, there are some people who think self-care is lazy. I want to go through the three main things that I hear from other people about how self-care is wrong, with an extra side piece that doesn’t necessarily fit into the main problems but is a problem as well.

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